Delete Whatsapp Messages Even if its a Day Old


WhatsApp, the mobile messaging app that Facebook acquired for $19 billion in February 2014 , has now rolled out the ability to “unsend” messages just in case you wrote a mistake. This feature has being added to the Android, iOS and Windows Phone versions of the app. The feature, which is officially called “Delete for Everyone” has also been widely referred to as “Recall” and “Revoke”.

As we all know by now, it lets you unsend messages, making them completely disappear from a conversation. They’ll be hidden from both yourself and the other people in the chat. However, both you and your recipient need to be using the latest version of WhatsApp, and it only works for messages you’ve sent within the last seven minutes. Once that period of time has passed, your message is there to stay.

But… I don’t think so and this is where this post becomes relevant😁. You can still delete that message even if its a week old. You can go back as far as you want, “Adjust Your Date” will be your only enemy of progress.

  1. Turn off access to internet on phone
  2. Exit WhatsApp and clean from Recent apps
  3. Adjust time and date of phone to the specified time you want. Eg: Message to be deleted was sent on the 17th of Feb, 2019 10:40am, you simply have to adjust your time and date to match that. The time should be in that 7mins interval given. Eg: Using the time above, it will look like this 10:40 - 10:47am
  4. Open WhatsApp now, scroll to that message and delete. If you did everyhing right, you should be seeing ‘Delete For Me’, ‘Cancel’ and :heart: Delete for Everyone :heart:.
  5. Turn back on access to internet and auto update your time.

That’s all peeps. This can go as far as one week